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Art & Creative

That’s where the cool things happen!

Our creative studio deals with a wide range of gaming and UI products.

It begins with a creative idea or a concept, up to final designs, animations and sound.

The studio consists of an experienced team of creatives, designers and animators.

Game Design

Our Game studio develops high-end games for the online gambling market.

We thrive to keep pushing boundaries in the gaming industry, through innovative gameplay and technology.

Our roadmap Starts with an idea of a theme and concept, through Layout and character-design, animation, sound and up to a final product.

User interface and User experience

We supply a wide range of UI/UX solutions for our products.

- Wireframing and design for new platforms and Applications.

- Maintenance and development of products.


Top notch developing tools for CG

- Adobe CC

- 3D software

- Prototyping and wireframing tools

Come and join us!
We’re always looking for talented and highly motivated employees.